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CAVER Analyst Kozlíková, B., Šebestová, E., Šustr, V., Brezovský, J., Strnad, O., Daniel, L., Bednář, D., Pavelka, A., Maňák, M., Bezděka, M., Beneš, P., Kotry, M., Gora, A. W., Damborský, J., Sochor, J.: CAVER Analyst 1.0: Graphic Tool for Interactive Visualization and Analysis of Tunnels and Channels in Protein Structures, Bioinformatics, 30(18), 2014.
CAVER, CAVER Plugin Chovancová,E., Pavelka, A., Beneš, P., Strnad, O., Brezovský, J., Kozlíková, B., Gora, A., Šustr, V., Klvaňa, M., Medek, P., Biedermannová, L., Sochor, J., Damborský, J.: CAVER 3.0: A Tool for the Analysis of Transport Pathways in Dynamic Protein Structures, PLoS Computational Biology 8: e1002708, 8(10), 2012.
CAVER, CAVER Plugin Pavelka, A., Šebestová, E., Kozlíková, B., Brezovský, J., Sochor, J., Damborský, J.: CAVER: Algorithms for Analyzing Dynamics of Tunnels in Macromolecules, IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, 13(3), 2016.

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